Theory and Practice
(Second Edition)

Paul A. Vixie and
Frederick M. Avolio
Digital Press
ISBN 155558229X
Published December 21, 2001.

Sendmail: Theory and Practice, 2E, is an authoritative and accessible guide to establishing and maintaining an electronic mail system using this powerful but very difficult software program. Highly regarded by the Sendmail community, this book is the only dedicated tutorial on the topic.

Sendmail: Theory and Practice, 2E, provides extensive "cookbook recipes" and hands-on instruction explaining how Sendmail works and how to manage even the most intricate mail system. After reading this book, system administrators, managers, and users will understand Sendmail's architecture, and how to design, configure, test, and maintain a distributed Sendmail system. The authors, recognized Sendmail authorities, have updated the book to cover Version 8.11 and to address the critical new topics of spam and relay management, e-mail security, and Internet gateway design and configuration.


ISBN: 155558229X
Line Illustrations: 25
Measurements: 7 x 9.25 In
Pages: 304

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